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Influencing people to live an amazing life they never thought possible by clearing any blocks and pains one client at a time


Helping our clients live freely, enjoy living a life filled with love, light, joy, laughs, happiness, gratitude, and abundance


Lee Yay

Lee Yay

His love of animals and experiencing his beloved pets’ deaths leads him to pursue reiki healings. We all love our pets so much, and we don’t want them to suffer. Reiki healing is amazing for animals to feel better and run around with joy. 

Eric’s magical touch will re-bump your loved ones’ life!

Lee Yay & Eric

She specializes in energy healing to clear any blocks and remove any stagnant energies inside you. 

Her natural skill is to maximize her intuitive guidance to cleanse blocks from current and past lives. These blocks consist of many layers over the years. We recommend attacking each layer at a time. Ask us about different packages that cater to your needs.

Energy healing may be beneficial to people who experience Any pains caused by these types of blocks/trauma.