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Customers Reviews

I am continuing to work with Lee Yay consistently, focusing on a few issues of mine. Each time I leave feeling at PEACE. She is truly amazing! She is one of the best emotional energy healer. Her graceful nature and kind soul allows the conversation to flow through even the deepest blocks with a total ease. Through her dialogue, Lee Yay prompts deep introspection and will always end a conversation leaving me with a lot left to think about, but with a much more grounded understanding and a clearer sense of direction.
Reena L
I just had a session with Lee Yay and I feel warm and fuzzy all over. I have such a wonderful experience every time she coaches me. She just makes me feel so good because she genuinely cares, she's supportive and makes herself available if I'm in need. I went into this session feeling trapped and confused about what to do about my living situation, but by the end of the session my energy was much lighter and I felt so comforted; like I could just curl up and take a cozy nap. Like everything is going to be ok. Lee Yay has a beautiful soul and a magical healing touch. I highly recommend her energy work to anyone!
Jill L
Intuitive Coach
During my session with Lee Yay I felt the energy in my body shifting, and following it I felt very peaceful, confident, and recharged. My thoughts and next action steps to take became more clear. She is a very gifted intuitive and powerful energy shifter. I felt and noticed the results immediately. During your session with her simply trust and be open to receiving. She is Amazing!
Susana T
Working with Lee Yay has been an amazing experience! Her healing session was loving and supportive! After identifying my main blocks she helped me not only to clear them but also worked on redirecting my energy to a more balanced and higher level. She provided me with the words and messages I needed to hear, and I could immediately feel a big release. At the end of the session, I was already laughing and enjoying my new energy. Something I’m looking forward to integrating thanks to Lee Yay’s great suggestions on how to stay on track with the new goals!
Laura P
Lee Yay's sweet energy has this magical healing power. She is a very gifted intuitive coach who specializes in energy balancing, chakras equalizing, emotional block clearing, money manifesting, and much more. I was confused by my friends' behaviors and Lee Yay was able to tap in and read them for me. With clarity, I was able to move on with life without overthinking it over and over again. After the session, I feel light, happy, and joyful.
Chloe J